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Media Book enquires:

If you are interested in receiving a copy of my book, “Personal Use”, please get in touch.

I can provide paperback copies to any interested media organisations.

I can also provide copies electronically in the ePub format, compatible with most book readers, including Kindle, Nook and iBooks.




In the in the past, I have declined requests for interview and programme contributions. That has now changed.

As I prepare to launch my book, “Personal Use”, I have decided to revisit my relationship with other media.

I am now available for interviews for print, radio, and podcast outlets. I am also available as a podcast guest. And I would be happy to provide written commentary as well.

At this point, I am not willing to do any television. If this changes in the future, I will update this page.

I prefer to be introduced as ‘the northlondonhippy’, but you are welcome to call me or refer to me as ‘hippy’ on subsequent references.

I have a decent studio set-up at home that includes a high quality microphone. For live interviews over Skype, I can record locally and send you the audio file, in whatever format you prefer.

I have worked at the sharp end in the media for nearly 30 years, which means I understand your requirements extremely well. This hippy gives good soundbites.

If you are interested in using me as a guest or contributor, please feel free to email me with some details. Include your name, the name of your organisation or programme and what you have in mind. My time is surprisingly flexible and I will endeavour to accommodate all genuine requests.



The best way to reach the northlondonhippy is email, whatever your enquiry.

Please email me on:

I also respond on Twitter: @nthlondonhippy

Thank you.