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image1aThe northlondonhippy is an anonymous author, online cannabis activist and recreational drug user, who has been writing about drugs and drug use, specifically his own, for over 12 years. He has also worked in the media, mainly as a journalist, for nearly 30 years.

Now based, unsurprisingly, in north London, the hippy hopes the punitive drug laws that have ripped families and society apart for decades, will soon be coming to an end.

The northlondonhippy recently published his first book, entitled “Personal Use”.  In it, he chronicles his long, glorious and unapologetic lifetime of ingesting and enjoying recreational drugs.

The hippy thinks it is time to call a permanent cease fire in the pointless, tragic, ‘War on Drugs’.

The ‘War on Drugs’ isn’t really a war on drugs, but a war on people.  Nice people, decent people, someone you know and maybe someone you love, probably uses drugs. They all deserve our support, not punishment. A punitive approach doesn’t work, compassion always does!


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