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Personal Use

Hey ho, remember me, your friendly neighbourhood hippy? I’m also the author of “Personal Use”, a book about my rather extensive experience over several decades with mind altering substances. It’s available wherever good books are sold. You would dig it!

When I published my book, I promised to donate 10% of my profits to drug charities, annually. Now that the book has been out for over a year, I’ve made my first donations.

It wasn’t easy to decide who to give my donation too, since there are so many worthy organisations doing excellent work trying to reform our drug laws. In the end, I couldn’t decide, so I have split my donation between two extremely worthy causes.

The first is LEAP UK, otherwise known as Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. They’re made up of a group of former cops who have seen first hand the damage done to society by our ridiculous drug laws. They know the laws do more damage than any drug ever could and they tirelessly fight to change those laws.

If former cops are telling  you the drug laws don’t work, everyone should listen, especially our politicians.

The second charity I’ve chosen is Anyone’s Child. They’re a group run by parents who have lost children to drugs. Drugs can kill people and prohibition makes that more likely. Anyone’s Child would like to see a legal, regulated supply, which would significantly reduce the harms caused by drugs.

To me, this is the sanest response to losing a child. Drug laws don’t prevent drug deaths, but a safer supply definitely would.

While I’ve been as generous as I can be with both charities, I know that both could still use even more money. If you can afford it, both groups are very worthy of your support and donations. You can do it online, quickly and easily.

Here are links to both organisation’s websites:


Anyone’s Child

That’s it from me. Everyone out there in internland, please have a great Xmas and a fantastic New Year. And that’s an order from your old pal, the hippy!

The northlondonhippy is an anonymous author, online cannabis activist and recreational drug user, who has been writing about drugs and drug use for over a decade.  The hippy’s first book, ‘Personal Use’ details the hippy’s 35 years of recreational drug use while calling for urgent drug law reform. 

“Personal Use” is available as a digital download on all platforms, including Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iBooks and Barnes & Noble’s Nook. The paperback is available from all online retailers and book shops everywhere. 10% of all profits from this book will be donated to drug charities, annually. 

You can also find the northlondonhippy on Twitter: @nthlondonhippy

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