The northlondonhippy to appear live on LBC with James O’Brien today

The northlondonhippy on LBC with James O’Brien

Hey, hey. I’ve been invited to appear live with James O’Brien to discuss my book, ‘Personal Use’.  I’ll be on-air Friday 13th January 2017 at 12:30pm.

While I am on the radio, it is likely that the false link between Cannabis and Psychosis will come up. The UK seems to be the only country on earth, where this is an issue. Much of the research has been published in The Lancet, Britain’s best known medical journal. That includes a careful deconstruction of the research, from Dr. Carl Hart and Dr. Charles Ksir.

People are so desperate to demonise weed, that they will misrepresent facts.

To sum it up, while there is a correlation between cannabis use and psychosis, there is no causal link. What that means is that people with psychosis may be more likely to use cannabis, but there is nothing to suggest that cannabis is the cause of any psychosis. It is bad science and bad journalism that perpetuate this myth.

Here are some links:

The original article published by The Lancet:

And here is the story written up for laymen like us,  in High Times magazine:


The other thing that is likely to come up is prison overcrowding & drug law reform, so I just wanted to post this graphic:

Let’s release all non-violent drug offenders & ease the prison overcrowding crisis

I hope to call on the government to immediately release all non-violent drug offenders from prison. It is the right & compassionate thing to do.

Thanks for reading this, and for listening.


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